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The company "Blue Lagoon" is a leading manufacturer of composite pools in Ukraine.
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- Composite pool about 17 times stronger than concrete.
- A few weeks after the order to swim, because the establishment of lasting 5-7 days.
- Composite pool is operating conditions from -35 to 50 degrees Celsius.
- The composite pool is easily installed any additional equipment and attractions (counterflow, whirlpool, waterfall, etc.).
- The service spent ten times less time, thanks to a perfectly smooth surface, easy to clean.
- Do not lose color, and do not need to touch up.
- Materials used are certified and are environmentally safe.
- Flow chemistry is reduced by 70%, through an absolutely smooth surface that does not have that prevents the appearance of algae, sediment microorganisms, flowering and reproduction of water infections.
- Built-in stairs decorated anti - sliding cover, which eliminates the risk of falling.
- Composite layers have low thermal conductivity, saving heat.
- Quality indicators material to provide a guarantee of 10 years.
- The use of the pool for commercial purposes raises rating institutions, and setting it on private property raises property values.
- The cost of installing a composite basin, significantly lower than the implementation of concrete. Composite pool about 17 times stronger than concrete.



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